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Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles


The future has arrived. Discover the exciting new electric and hybrid range from Mercedes-Benz here.

Our Mercedes-EQ and Hybrid range explained.

Fully electric

With the new all-electric vehicles from
Mercedes-Benz, you will experience a completely new driving experience: almost silent locomotion, direct responsiveness, and no local CO2 emissions when driving.

Mild hybrid

Intelligent efficiency with a noticeable boost effect. In a mild hybrid, conventional internal combustion engines are equipped with an integrated starter-alternator (ISG). The ISG includes a 48-volt electrical system that ensures functions such as sailing, boost or recuperation and thus enables significant fuel savings.

Plug-in hybrid

Electric motor and internal combustion engine perfectly combined. Our plug-in hybrid drive systems combine the dynamics and efficiency of an electric motor with the range of an internal combustion engine.

Benefits of Electric and Hybrid

Cost Savings

Not only is charging an electric car cheaper than fuelling a petrol or diesel car, but you can also avoid paying London's ULEZ charge and save costs on London's Congestion Charge. Car parking and business customers benefit from lower BiK tax rates.


You can charge your car overnight whilst you sleep, just like you do with your smartphone, which means no more waiting around in petrol stations and filling up in the cold. 85% of all charges are done at home, providing you are able to do so, so you don’t need to worry about finding places to charge up. If you do need to charge on the go, Mercedes me Charge is an easy way to get access to the UK’s leading charging stations with a simple payment and billing process.

A greener lifestyle

Driving electric means zero local emissions which has a huge impact on CO2 reduction and cleaner air quality. Mercedes-Benz electric cars also use technology such as regenerative braking and pre-entry climate control to save energy and therefore driving range, which benefits you and the environment.

Flexible charging, wherever you happen to be.

Charging options for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.

A whole range of reliable and straightforward charging options are available for your Mercedes-Benz electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. You decide where you want to charge your vehicle. At home, in your own garage with your electric vehicle home charger? At a public charging station in town? Or maybe at a fast charging station on the motorway?

With our digital services, you can easily find the nearest public charging station and access one of the world's largest charging networks via Mercedes me Charge. And even on long journeys, for example, the Navigation with Electric Intelligence helps you to plan suitable charging stops and get to your destination as quickly as possible.

Mercedes-EQ Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mercedes-Benz make hybrid cars?

Many of the models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup now come with standard self-charging capabilities. This includes the E-Class, C-Class, and GLC ranges. Check out our inventory above to see which Mercedes-Benz cars have this hybrid technology. With so many options to choose from, you'll easily find a car that suits your needs without sacrificing the renowned quality of Mercedes-Benz, as the electric motor supports the engine by optimizing the torque curve, increasing efficiency, and providing extra power when required. Explore the selection of self-charging hybrid cars available at Mercedes-Benz Cars in London, Surrey and Kent.

Why is the real electric range often less than specified?

The electric range varies depending on individual driving behaviour, route profile and environmental factors. ECO Assist allows you to travel further on electric power by taking advantage of the recuperation and/or sailing function. Auxiliary functions such as seat heating or climate control also has an impact on the range.

Is there a warranty on the car battery?

The battery certificate protects customers for up to 8 years or a mileage of 100,000 miles against any financial burden should the high-voltage battery fall below the threshold of 180 Ah of reserve capacity.


Full battery warranty here 

How can I drive my Mercedes-Benz electric car as efficiently as possible?

4 different drive programs and 5 recuperation levels assist you in maintaining an efficient driving style. Both functions enable you to optimise your electrical consumption and thus the range of your electric Mercedes-Benz. We would also recommend using the Route Optimized Navigation and Pre-Entry Climate Control features to further improve range.

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