Personal Data & Privacy

We care about your personal privacy

We would like to learn a bit more about you to provide you, as a customer, with the best service possible. We're also happy to share more about ourselves. When we know a little more about each other, we can assist in making everyday life a bit better, much like any relationship, really.

To enable this, we handle certain personal information that helps us do a better job. However, this is, of course, done in accordance with applicable laws and, most importantly, based on your preferences. Below, you can read more about how we work in this area and how you can exercise your rights.


Privacy Policy

When you get in touch with us in connection with booking a service with us, purchasing any of our products or services, or for instance, signing up to receive any of our newsletters, we will process your personal data. Here you can read more about how we do this, what rights you have, and how you can exercise them.


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Camera surveillance

Several of our facilities are equipped with cameras to prevent and investigate crimes. Through camera surveillance, we aim to enhance the safety of our staff and protect our assets. Here, you can learn about the data we collect, your rights, and how you can exercise them.