smart #1 Finance Options.

smart #1 Financing Options

With a variety of smart finance options available, including Personal Contract Plan (PCP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), and Contract Hire for business, becoming a smart owner is easier than ever.

Our lineup of New smart cars and quality Approved Used smart cars come with competitive finance options for both personal and business needs.

Explore our range of finance and leasing options today, from Personal Contract Plan to Personal Contract Hire, and find all the information you need to make the right choice for you.

Personal Contract Plan Frequently Asked Questions

How does PCP work?


At the start of an PCP agreement, you decide an amount you would like to put down as a deposit and decide the term of your agreement as well as your annual mileage. Your Finance Specialist at your local retail site will advise you of the Optional Purchase Payment of your chosen smart, which offers you the reassurance of knowing exactly what you will need to pay to own the vehicle outright in the future (this is known as the Optional Purchase Payment).

The Optional Purchase Payment helps you guard against the risk of unplanned depreciation and enables you to benefit from lower monthly payments as you are only financing a proportion of the vehicles value.

Throughout your agreement you simply pay your agreed monthly payments.

What does PCP include?

• Fixed regular payments mean you can easily budget.
• Payments are based only on a proportion of the vehicle’s value, keeping your monthly payments lower.
• Our Optional Purchase Payment avoids the risk of unplanned depreciation of your vehicle.
• You defer your ownership decision until the end of the agreement.

What happens at the end of the agreement?


Purchase your vehicle

Purchase your smart car by paying the Optional Purchase Payment and Purchase Activation Fee of £10. This will complete the purchase of your smart car, leaving you free to simply enjoy your vehicle.

Hand back your vehicle

If you decide to return your vehicle to us, it must be in line with our Vehicle Return Standards, as vehicle condition, excess mileage and other charges may be payable.

Part-Exchange for a new vehicle

Pay the Optional Purchase Payment and Purchase Activation Fee of £10. This will complete the purchase of your vehicle, allowing you to part-exchange for a new smart car.


What important information do I need to know?


• The vehicles value at the end of the agreement may be less than the Optional Purchase Payment, you can exercise your right to return the vehicle.
• Ownership of vehicle will not pass until all payment have been made including the Purchase Activation Fee.
• If you do not maintain payments in line with the finance agreement you are at risk of repossession.
• If you opt to return the vehicle at the end of the contract or through Voluntarily Termination the agreement of Vehicle Return Standards will still apply.
• The full term mileage will be agreed at the start of the agreement, should you elect to return the vehicle and have exceeded the agreed mileage a pence per mile charge will apply.
• You are required to have comprehensive insurance for the full term of the agreement.
• You are not permitted to sublet the vehicle during the term of the contract
• Administration charges may be applicable due to late repayments or altering of payment dates.
• Full details will be provided prior to committing to the agreement in the Pre-Contract Consumer Credit Information.

Personal Contact Hire Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH)?

PCH is a lease agreement where you pay fixed monthly payments to drive a car for a set period, returning it afterward without an option to buy.

How does Personal Contract Hire (PCH) differ from other finance options like Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)?

PCH is purely a lease; you don't own the car, unlike HP or PCP where ownership is possible at the end of the contract.

What are the typical terms and conditions of a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreement?

Terms include mileage limits, maintenance responsibilities, and penalties for early termination or exceeding mileage.

Can I modify or customise a vehicle under a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreement?

Typically, no; PCH agreements usually prohibit modifications as you don't own the car during the lease period.

Contract Hire for business Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Contract Hire?

Business Contract Hire is a popular financing option for businesses that allows them to lease smart vehicles for a fixed period at a fixed monthly rental cost. Unlike ownership, the business does not take ownership of the vehicle, but rather pays for its use during the lease term. At the end of the agreement, the vehicle is returned, subject to mileage and condition terms.

What are the key advantages of Business Contract Hire for businesses?

Business Contract Hire offers several benefits for businesses, including predictable monthly payments, minimal initial outlay, and the ability to budget effectively without the financial commitment of ownership. Additionally, businesses can potentially benefit from VAT reclamation on the monthly rentals if the vehicle is used solely for business purposes.

Are there mileage restrictions with Business Contract Hire?

Yes, Business Contract Hire agreements typically come with mileage restrictions. Exceeding the agreed-upon mileage limit may incur excess mileage charges at the end of the lease term. It's essential for businesses to estimate their annual mileage accurately to avoid unexpected costs and penalties.

Can additional services be included in a Business Contract Hire agreement?

Yes, businesses can often opt to include additional services such as maintenance, servicing, and breakdown cover in their Business Contract Hire agreement for added convenience and peace of mind. These services can be bundled into the fixed monthly rental cost, providing businesses with a comprehensive vehicle management solution.

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