ServiceCare Complete Plan

Why choose ServiceCare Complete?

Driven businesses demand more and our ServiceCare Complete Plan gives you our most comprehensive, tailored package covering all services, MOT’s, plus all the variable and unforeseen costs of running your vehicles - for the life of the agreement.

We at Hedin Automotive London Ltd, will work closely with you to design a bespoke and flexible plan for your business, applicable to all vans up to 4 years old from the registration date.

Covers all services


All MOT test fees

No additional costs for each MOT

All friction components

Wiper blades, brakes and clutches

Covers major repairs

Including engines, gearboxes, alternators and more


Includes all inspections where applicable

Customise your plan

Including tyres, tail-lifts and fridges

ServiceCare Complete Plan frequently asked questions

How do I decide if this is the right plan for me?

We know running a business can be demanding, so if you’re looking for a comprehensive level of maintenance and support that eliminates unforeseen costs, this could be the best plan for you. Your Dealer will offer you a customised package that will take into account your specific needs and they’ll be ready to support you with highly trained technicians working extended hours.

Why should you choose this plan instead of the ServiceCare maintenance plan?

ServiceCare Complete applies to an even wider range of components and repairs, so it’s an excellent option if you want a servicing plan that takes care of virtually everything your vehicles need at a price that’s bespoke to you.

What is included in the ServiceCare Complete Plan?

The following is included as standard during the life of the agreement. 

- All services (as per ASSYST)

- All MOT test feeds

- All friction components – wiper blades, brakes and clutches

- Repair of all engines, gearboxes, alternators, axles, bearings and mechanical components

- All electrical components fitted at factory, including engine management systems, air conditioning and power take offs

- DVSA or VOSA inspections where applicable.

You can then customise your plan by adding cover for the specifics you require, including:

- Tyres (includes damage and punctures)

- Ancillary equipment such as tail-lifts and fridges – including servicing according to manufacturer’s guidelines.


Full terms and conditions do apply – please contact us to find out more about these or if you have any questions.

What vans are included?

All of our new vans are eligible for our ServiceCare Complete Plan.

How do I book a service, MOT or repairs if I'm on the plan?

We will take care of everything and can help you manage your servicing and repairs by planning in advance over the duration of your plan.

Are electric vehicles applicable as part of the plan?

Yes, electric plans are eligible for a ServiceCare Complete plan. We also offer a ServiceCare Maintenance plan for servicing electric vans.

Can I cancel the plan at anytime?

If you change your mind about purchasing your ServiceCare Complete Plan, you are able to withdraw from the contract, within 14 days of receiving your contract. After this, you can cancel the plan at any time, subject to a £40 administration fee. If you decide to terminate your ServiceCare Complete Plan after you have taken one or more services, a cost vs revenue calculation will be made and there may be an outstanding balance for you to pay if the value of the services you have received is greater than the money you have paid into the Plan at the time of closure. Conditions apply. Please contact your Dealer for full details.

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