ServiceCare Maintenance Plan

Save money and manage your cash flow effectively.

Our ServiceCare Maintenance individual service plan offers you the flexibility to spread the cost of up to 6 services without requiring a credit agreement. This cost-effective solution helps you maintain a healthy cash flow while ensuring that your van receives the highest standards of maintenance from our expert technicians. Starting at just £12.50 a month for an eSprinter and £25.00 a month for new Sprinter, Vito, and Citan vans, this plan provides affordable peace of mind for your vehicle maintenance needs. On average, it could save you £124 per vehicle[ᵃ] over the course of two pay-as-you-go services on a Sprinter Panel Van.

[ᵃ] Average saving based on comparison with two pay-as-you-go services on a Sprinter Panel Van.

Immediate services

Need a quick service? It’s covered by your plan

Flexible payments

Monthly Direct Debits or pay upfront

Fixed costs

Today’s prices fixed for your plan’s duration

ServiceCare Maintenance Plan frequently asked questions

How do I decide which is the right plan for me?

Our ServiceCare Maintenance Plan is ideal if you’d like to plan ahead and organise a series of services for a competitive cost that will be fixed for the duration of the plan. This gives you confidence that the prices won’t change and your cashflow can be maintained. The plan includes up to 6 services and allows you to arrange an impromptu, immediate service if you need one. Our other options include our comprehensive ServiceCare Complete Plan and we also offer dedicated plans for electric van servicing.

What vans are included?

All of our new vans are eligible for our ServiceCare Maintenance Plan. All used Vito models from 2003 onwards and all Sprinter models from 2006 onwards are eligible for the plan as well. Any older models are unfortunately not eligible.

How do I book a service, MOT or repairs if I'm on the plan?

Again, we will help with bookings. You can’t currently book online as your plan is customised for you.

What if I don't have my details?

No problem, simply contact us and we'll take care of everything.

Are electric vehicles applicable as part of the plan?

Yes, please contact us about your specific needs.

Can I cancel the plan at anytime?

If you change your mind about purchasing your ServiceCare Maintenance Plan, you are able to withdraw from the contract, within 14 days of receiving your contract. After this, you can cancel the plan at any time, subject to a £40 administration fee. If you decide to terminate your ServiceCare Maintenance Plan after you have taken one or more services, a cost vs revenue calculation will be made and there may be an outstanding balance for you to pay if the value of the services you have received is greater than the money you have paid into the Plan at the time of closure. Conditions apply. Please contact us for full details.

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