A simpler car deal

Our goal is to be your natural contact when buying, exchanging or selling a car. At Hedin Automotive, we have a wide range of cars from a variety of brands. Buying a car via Hedin Automotive should be simple and smooth, and the focus is on the car. The most important thing for us is that the transaction feels easy to you. No complications, just smooth. We also offer extra options such as tires, service, car insurance and extended warranties.

How to buy your car from us

You easily search for your car here on the website. Are you looking for a car with a certain price, a certain color or are you perhaps just interested in find ing an SUV or a plug-in hybrid? No problem - with our search function you will find what you are looking for.

After you find the right car, the rest is easy. Press the button next to the images and you will get a form where you fill in your contact details. After that, the responsible salesperson will get back to you and you can arrange a time for a test drive or give you answers to any questions you may have.

If you are interested in the car after a test drive, you sign a contract and together decide on a smart financing option. You also get advice on any additional services such as car insurance, service contracts or other things that make your car ownership a little smoother. Delivery of your new car will then be determined. We offer a flexible delivery method and do everything to meet your needs in the best way.

How to buy a car with Hedin Automotive?