The advantages are many

Who are Hedin Automotive?

We are a second-hand shop with the goal of being your natural contact when you want to buy, exchange or sell. With us you will find a large assortment of cars from a variety of brands. We offer all extra options such as tires and service. You will find us in several parts of the country. Welcome to one of our fine car garages. Of course, we are also always available online.

We got a car for everyone!

It should be easy and safe to buy, exchange or sell your car with us, and that is why we have always done a thorough check before the car is sold and we have the right price right away. When you find your perfect car, you can be sure that you are making a good car deal.

How do I buy a car from Hedin Automotive?

Discover all the cars in our wide range. If you know what you are looking for, you can use the filter. Choose a car and then click on contact seller and you will shortly be contacted by a seller who will help you all the way to the purchase Read more here!

Is the car insured at the time of purchase?

When you buy your car at Hedin Automotive, it is insured for 14 days from the time it rolls out of the facility. We then offer tailored insurance for you as a new car owner in collaboration with If Skadeförsäkring AB, one of Sweden's leading insurance companies.

How do i pay?

There are several financing options to choose from and all with different advantages. We at Hedin Automotive have compiled the most common payment options together with some good advice to help you choose the right one. Hedin Automotive has, together with leading financial and insurance companies, developed special products to make your life with the car as easy as possible. You are always welcome to visit one of our facilities to discuss with our salespeople – we are here to give you good advice and guide you through the financial aspects of your car purchase.

Can you have the car delivered to your home?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer home delivery. But we can deliver the car to a Hedin Automotive facility or Hedin Bil facility for a fee. Talk to your salesperson for more details.

Are there extra benefits?

Through Hedin Automotive, you get an extra favorable price on winter tires and can choose from several different brands. We also have tire hotels that ensure that your tires are stored in the best conditions - cool and dark.

Smart car ownership with Hedin Automotive Service Agreement

Signing a service contract for your car is a smart choice. It is both advantageous, safe and makes your everyday life with your car a little smoother. You pay a fixed low monthly cost and do not have to worry about possible price increases. To make life with the car a little extra smooth, you can also include tire hotel in your agreement. When it's time for a service or wheel change, you easily book an appointment online and don't have to worry about the cost.Read more here.